Partnerships across the DoD will lead to unique capabilities and knowledge that become foundational within the STE collaborative environment.

Science & Technology

  • Save Time & Money by jump-starting research initiatives – days becomes hours, months become weeks.
  • Integrate and test efforts in a unified environment.
  • Unified Framework for TRL Levels, Integration potential, and metrics.
  • Shared code base, open and beneficial to all users.
  • Create reusable frameworks for testing and research.


  • Utilize, evaluate, and inform capabilities that are not currently supported or beyond SOW.
  • Enables continued iterations and testing independent of S&T or Vendor progress.
  • Assists in defining foundational components and verifying systems during dev process.


  • Leverage existing investments and ensure re-use of capabilities.
  • Fuse disparate code for similar functionalities to reduce support costs.
  •  Increase automation and reduce resources necessary for development.
  • Simplify path to transition by maintaining RMF and ATO procedures to a single code base.