Getting Started

RIDE allows developers to collaboratively research and develop common training and simulation capabilities in a sandbox environment that has been designed to facilitate rapid prototyping. Obtain RIDE here.

RIDE offers a range of interconnected features. To get started with development, review the Quickstart information, Tutorials and the Documentation pages.

The API has been designed to be independent of any particular game or simulation engine. The current implementation uses Unity, with other implementations under consideration.


Learn how to start using RIDE in a sample project, or how to integrate its core components into a custom project.


Technical reference manual for developers with all classes, functions, services, etc. in the RIDE API.


Each scene demonstrates a different capability of the RIDE API inside of the Unity platform.


Guides for how to create your own scenes and customize the RIDE standalone application.


The necessary hardware and software specifications for utilizing the RIDE API.


Ongoing collection of responses to questions posed by our diverse user base.