This documentation is primarily intended for developers and researchers striving to create AI simulations compatible with ICT’s efforts for the Training Simulation Software (TSS) component of the Synthetic Training Environment (STE).

If you’ve just acquired the RIDE API and are looking to start developing, review the Quickstart information and Tutorials pages. 

The API has been designed to be independent of any particular game or simulation engine. The current implementation uses Unity, with other implementations under consideration.


Technical reference manual for developers with all classes, functions, services, etc. in the RIDE API.


Each scene demonstrates a different capability of the RIDE API inside of the Unity platform.

Config File

The base RIDE library uses a config file to store configuration information needed to run certain RIDE systems and services.

RIDE Requirements

The necessary hardware and software specifications for utilizing the RIDE API.

Terrain Access Key

How to input a key for access to cloud-streamed terrain maps.

Terrain Library

Current terrain maps accessible through the RIDE API.