RIDE - 0.3


Details new changes made since the previous release of the RIDE platform to external collaborators and developers.

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Release Notes – 0.3 (April 2021)

Please read the below Release Notes and related changes for this version.


In order to access Terrain datasets, you must have a terrain key.  Please contact us directly in order to get a key and we will issue you one.

API Rename

Terrain System

  • Terrain datasets use a engine and platform optimized format for efficient loading, performance, and memory usage.
  • Terrain datasets stream from a cloud provider, so that terrain sets can be loaded from any client without needing to bundle the large datasets with the client executable.
  • Terrain datasets are accessible through a security key.  This key can be developer specific, allowing access to certain datasets, and for a given timeframe.

Cloud System

  • New framework for an intermediate, externally hosted service to act as a router to 3rd party services.  This simplifies the client by both simplifying the API and reducing dependencies on 3rd party SDKs.
  • New intermediate blob service that routes requests to Azure, Google and AWS blob file storage.
  • New intermediate signed URL service that creates temporary, signed URLs for accessing cloud services.  Route requests to Azure and AWS signed URL services.

Camera System

  • New Camera System added
  • Camera System Example added

Audio System

  • New Audio System added
  • Audio System Example added

Time Simulation System

  • New system for controlling simulation time added
  • TimeSimulation Example added

Logging System

  • New Pedagogical Logger Example added

Debug System

  • New Debug systems added:
    • DebugConsole
    • FPS Counter
    • DebugMenu
    • DebugOnScreenLog

Battle Drills

  • New Example showing Army doctrine Battle Drills
  • Demonstrates different capabilities such as:
    • Ambush / React to Ambush
    • Throwing Smoke Grenades


  • Numerous miscellaneous Examples added to highlight RIDE capabilities, such as:
    • AirSim Integration Example
    • Region System Example
    • Interpretation System Example
    • Demo04_SquadCombat Example
    • Particle System Example
    • BoundingOverwatch Example
    • Input_VehiclesSystem Example


  • Upgraded to support Unity 2020.2.3f1


TSS to RIDE Name Upgrade Guide

Phase 1

The first phase of renaming TSS to Ride. This list details the changes made:

  • using TSS.X becomes using Ride.X
  • TSS.View →  Ride.UI
  • TSS.Behaviours → Ride.AI
  • TSS.Entity → Ride.Entities
  • ExampleBase → RideBase
  • ExampleBase.InitTSS → RideBase.InitRide
  • api.serviceSystem → api.systemAccessSystem
  • Any class or struct starting with TSS becomes Ride
    • TSSid → RideID
    • TSSVector3 → RideVector3
    • etc
  • Any class, file, or struct with the word Service becomes System
  • All system and behaviour update functions now take delta time (dt) as a parameter

Phase 2

This phase renames the SVN repository, Unity project, and externals: