Example scenes pertaining to a set of related RIDE API capabilities. 


Explore a scene to learn more about the API.


Ground Classification Weather

Demonstrates the dynamic navigation of different unit types to an arbitrary waypoint under a severe weather event affecting ground conditions.

Line of Sight

Demonstrates terrain map line-of-sight (LOS) system for BLUEFOR, OPFOR and CIV agents. 

Razish Tour

This example scene shows how to create an interactive tour around a terrain using scenario events and custom AI behaviors.


The RIDE ATLAS (Aerial Terrain Line of Sight Analysis System) integration represents an improved package of ATLAS rebuilt within RIDE.

Team Match

Red vs Blue networked competitive multiplayer on various terrain maps with dismounted or vehicular units.

Terrain Destruction

Apply explosive ordnance of user-set intensity and size at any location on a terrain map. Deformation of the surface geometry may change depending on the material/structure classification at that point.

Terrain Loading

Examine available terrain maps in TILE or LMAB formats, selecting between different LOD settings.


Collects the available SpeedTree assets that will be used to make asset bundles for different platforms.