Logging & Data

Example scenes pertaining to a set of related RIDE API capabilities. 


Explore a scene to learn more about the API.


DIS Messages

Demonstrates how to use RIDE systems to send and receive Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) messages.

Interpretation System

Demonstrates the systems for real-time interpretation of scenario events and narrative summarization.


Demonstrates how to load, display, and switch between different languages


Use the RIDE API to implement your own logging.


Master scenario events list injection (MSELI) allows you to create arbitrary events in the simulation and provide them with execution orders and conditions for their execution during the scenario.


This example demonstrates how to use Google and Facebook OAuth authentication systems within RIDE.

Region System

Track the movement of individual agents and groups as they move in and out of defined polygonal regions.

REST Services

Demonstrates how to host a RESTful service in RIDE so that it can be accessed via an HTTP request from a web browser.


Demonstrates how to open, send data over, and close a TCP socket in RIDE.

Unit Data

Save agents and/or groups for later retrieval, allowing them to be loaded into the scene via custom menus.

VGL Stress Test

Configure a scalability test with generic in-game agents in real-time and record performance data locally and in the cloud for later analysis.