This example scene shows how to create an interactive tour around a terrain using scenario events and custom AI behaviors. In this example, the player tours the fictional city of Razish, located in the real world at the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, California.

How to Use

This example scene begins with an overhead view and fly-through of the city of Razish, with a moving camera and a recorded audio clip. When this introductory fly-through is finished, you take on the role of an Iraqi woman following her two friends and their two children on a walking tour of Razish. Maneuver your avatar using the W-A-S-D keys on your keyboard or with a gamepad controller. When you arrive at each tour stop, an audio clip describing the site will be triggered. At the end of the walking tour, the scene will return to an overhead view for a final fly-through of the city.

Scene Location & Name


Setup Requirements 

Scenario System

Utilize the RIDE Scenario System to create Scenario Events that are triggered by Scenario Conditions. Several built-in scenario events and scenario conditions are provided by the RIDE platform. This example scene demonstrates several types of built-in Scenario Event types, including an AgentBehaviourScenarioEvent to assign the TourBehaviour to the tour guide agent, and an AudioScenarioEvent to play clips using RIDE’s Audio System.

Custom Scenario Events

Utilize a CustomScenarioEvent in order to execute arbitrary code when Scenario Conditions are met. This example scene demonstrates several instances of CustomScenarioEvent, including the switching from overhead view to control of an avatar, the programmed camera movements of the two fly-through sequences.

Observation Scenario Conditions

Utilize an ObservationScenarioCondition to create a Scenario Condition for any arbitrary World Event that is dispatched by RIDE, and represented an logical (symbolic) form by RIDE’s Interpretation System. In this example, an ObservationScenarioCondition is triggered when the Interpretation System encodes a FlagCaptured World Event. Please see Interpretation System documentation for details on writing patterns for ObservationScenarioConditions.