Cinematics & Media

Example scenes pertaining to a set of related RIDE API capabilities. 


Explore a scene to learn more about the API.



This example demonstrates how to load and play audio clips in RIDE.

Audio-Visual Sensing

Shows how to leverage commodity audio-visual sensing AI services through REST calls, using RIDE’s common web services system.

Camera Home

Demonstrates how to reset a camera’s position and rotation at run-time using RIDE’s ICamera system.

Camera Tween

Demonstrates how to use RIDE’s tween (in-betweening) system to move a camera.

Image Generation Comparison

Demonstrates cloud-based text-to-image generative AI, comparing OpenAI DALL-E against Stability AI Stable Diffusion.

Particle System

Displays how to create particle systems from prefabs, scene objects, resources, and RideIDs.


Demonstrates how to use Unity’s Timeline package with the RIDE API’s mechanics.