Networking & Messaging

Example scenes pertaining to a set of related RIDE API capabilities. 


Explore a scene to learn more about the API.


Audio-Visual Sensing

Shows how to leverage commodity audio-visual sensing AI services through REST calls, using RIDE’s common web services system.

DIS Messages

Demonstrates how to use RIDE systems to send and receive Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) messages.

Image Generation Comparison

Demonstrates cloud-based text-to-image generative AI, comparing OpenAI DALL-E against Stability AI Stable Diffusion.


Master scenario events list injection (MSELI) allows you to create arbitrary events in the simulation and provide them with execution orders and conditions for their execution during the scenario.

REST Services

Demonstrates how to host a RESTful service in RIDE so that it can be accessed via an HTTP request from a web browser.

Simple Network Controls

This example demonstrates how to set up a network environment with controllable characters using the RIDE API and Photon asset package.


Demonstrates how to open, send data over, and close a TCP socket in RIDE.

Team Match

Red vs Blue networked competitive multiplayer on various terrain maps with dismounted or vehicular units.

Web Services

Shows how to send GET, PUT, POST, and web requests through RIDE’s common web services system.