Interpretation System



Demonstrates the systems for real-time interpretation of scenario events and narrative summarization.

How to Use

The example sequence automatically begins at run-time, with the Interpreter system observing and interpreting the scenario events in real-time using probability-ordered logical abduction, picking the assumptions that are the direct antecedent of the observations.

Toggle output in the Interpreter menu by clicking Observable, Ignored observables, Interpretation, and N-Best Interpretations buttons.

Switch to the Narrator menu by clicking the header button or right arrow at the top of the debug menu.

Once the sequence has completed, click the Narrative Summary button to review the Narrator output.

Scene Location & Name


Setup Requirements 

Utilize the Interpreter and Narrator for your scene by referring to the example scene scripts. 

ExampleInterpretationSystem Script

Add this script to an object in your scene to create a sequence of events for the Interpreter system. Modify as needed to suit your own needs. 

InterpretationSystem Script

Referenced by ExampleInterpretationSystem script. Add this script to an object in your scene to enable the Interpreter system.

UnityKnowledgebaseCache Script

Referenced by InterpretationSystem script and must contain at least one Knowledgebase object. Add this script to to the same object with  ExampleInterpretationSystem.


Ensure the below or a custom KB is added to the UnityKnowledgebaseCache component.

  • ExampleKB
  • ExampleTemplates

RegionSystem Script

If following the example and using regions, add this script to an object in your scene.