Image Generation Comparison



Shows how to leverage commodity text-to-image generative AI services through REST calls, using RIDE’s common web services system.

Leverages RIDE’s Generative AI and Image Generation Interfaces which implement OpenAI DALL-E and Stability AI Stable Diffusion.

Current Providers

  • OpenAI DALL-E
  • Stability AI Stable Diffusion

How to Use


If you wish to use the ExampleImageGeneration scene and related web services, you must update your local RIDE config file (ride.json). Please back-up any local changes to the file, including your terrain key. Next, restore your Config to default using the corresponding option in the Config debug menu at run-time, then reapply any customization and terrain key. Refer to the Config File page within Support for more information. 

Provider Comparison UI

  1. Input text in the bottom field and hit enter or click the Send Prompt. Any input will be sent to both providers simultaneously.
  2. Each service has its own pane which populates with the following information after entering a query:
    1. Time to generate and receive
    2. Returned image from the provider

Scene Location & Name


Setup Requirements 

The ExampleImageGeneration scene utilizes a customizable UI and interchangeable service providers through canvas, scripts and prefabs. Explore the objects in the Hierarchy view for the scene inside the Unity editor and source via the API documentation.

The main script is ExampleImageGeneration.cs in the same folder.