Demonstrates how to control simulation time speed and unit movement speed.

How to Use

The top options in the debug menu are used to spawn and select agents. With the agents selected, set at least one waypoint to begin unit movement. Adjust the Time and Movement Speed sliders to speed up or slow down these aspects of the simulation.

With Should Loop enabled, units will navigate between the selected waypoints.

Click Clear Agent(s) to remove the selected agents.

This scene features the Catalina Island OWT  dataset for its diverse terrain, as such the waypoints chosen vary in difficulty for the A* Pathing navigation of units.

Scene Location & Name


Setup Requirements 

The ITimeSimulationSystem allows you to speed up, slow down, stop, and resume the simulation. Utilize the ITimeSimulationSystem API for your scene and its agents by adding the ExampleTimeSimulation script. 

ExampleTimeSimulation Script

Add this script to an object in your scene to enable the use of the ITimeSimulationSystem. In this script, UI widget presses are handled to set the time simulation speed via the service.