Interface systems for moving agents in scenarios. 

How to Use

The RIDE API uses the Unity Navmesh as its main implementation for moving agents. If you wish to use a different movement system, implement the IMovementSystem interface.

See Creating a Navigation Mesh from OWT Data to learn how to build a Unity navmesh from terrain data.


Globals.api = ApiSystemMono.CreateApiSystemMono(false, true);

Movement System

Reference the following examples for your simulation: 
// Move a single agent
Globals.api.movementSystem.MoveToPosition(agent, target);
// Move a group of agents in a cluster formation
Globals.api.movementSystem.MoveToPosition(agents, target, FormationProcedureType.Cluster);
// move a group, providing your own formation procedure
class MyFormationProcedure : IFormationProcedure { // your implementation }
Globals.api.movementSystem.MoveToPosition(agents, target, new MyFormationProcedure());